How to Use Facebook Ads to get More Engagements

Engagement Retargeting will let you catch the audience of anyone who has enjoyed, commented on, or shared your article, seen your Page, delivered your Page a Message, or participated with your facebook Ads. You may then show that specific audience an Ad on Facebook again or Instagram. You will also have the ability to segment your Engagement into only the men and women who sent your Page a Message, or only the men and women who visited your Page.

Before I have discouraged people from using the Boost Post alternative on Facebook Ads  for anything apart from your existing Fans or another sort of warm audience. The reason is because you are paying for somebody too Just Like your Article but then they won’t ever see your Page again. With the Engagement Retargeting you are able to reconnect with those Audience who did socialize with your Facebook Post although not Like your Page.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads


These options may or might not be useful if you’re not using these features of Facebook. And even if you’re using these attributes. The audience needs to be big enough to then target within an advertisement (typically over 1000 individuals). Here is how you make your Audience of users that are engaged on Facebook. This feature is now rolling out and might not be available in every area.

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Use Facebook Ads to get More Engagements

Make an Audience in the Advertising Manager

  • Enter Facebook Ads Manager and browse to Audiences in the menu at the top left corner.  Select Audiences.
  • From the pop up box pick Engagement on Facebook.
  • If you do not have the Page option in the bottom than this attribute has not rolled out to you however. But if it’s available select it.
  • You will find another popup box that will then have you pick the webpage and then the audience kind. My suggestion is to just build the Everybody who participated with your Page option if you don’t truly have a massive audience on Facebook, and there’s some reason that you wish to section that audience.
  • Name your viewers something descriptive so you can easily use it on your Targeting region of your ads. This viewer will also be accessible when you Boost Posts directly from the Facebook Page.
  • As soon as you create the audience, it is going to take some time to develop but then it’ll be ready to use.
  • Now you’ve created the viewer, you may use it at the Targeting part of your Facebook Ads.
  • When you create an ad, pick the title of your Custom Audiences when you’re in the Advertisement Set level. For those who have a whole lot of Custom Audiences, begin typing the title or scroll down.
  • You can even select your Custom Audience whenever you’re Boosting a Post. Now you are able to reconnect with those who have engaged with your content previously. Just click on the Boost Post choice on the Page and select the Custom Audience.
  • I believe this new feature will be a terrific way to reconnect with those men and women who have seen your articles for some reason (such as a share or an Ad) and interacted with it on Facebook. Targeted advertising can help save you money by simply reaching your hot audience as opposed to a bigger, less specific crowd. Build this audience today.

If you would like to go further with Facebook Ads be certain to check out my whole Facebook Advertising Keys class. You can comment below.

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